We enable global sporting success through our team based in the UK, Portugal, India, Romania and Netherlands.


Luke Thompson

Managing Director

A swimmer and Arsenal fan (yes, he and Colin do talk!) Luke applies his technology and data architecture expertise to design effective, engaging, data ecosystems for our clients.

Luke’s outcome focused know-how comes from creating successful client solutions across the UK, US, EMEA. He’s held director positions with SAS and Kognitio, plus worked client side at the BBC.
Luke has a data problem. Can anyone offer a sure-fire way to count his laps of the pool?

Colin Rickard

Commercial Director

A lifelong cricket lover and Spurs fan, Colin operates at the intersection of end user needs, data, and technology. He translates client visions for their sports into data solutions that output actionable insights their teams can embrace.

Colin brings expertise to sport gained from a director level career with leading data companies including Experian, SAS and Kognitio.

Colin’s a parkrun enthusiast and captures his data on Strava! https://www.strava.com/athletes/41129642

Matt Thompson

Product Manager

Arsenal fan and wannabe footballer Matt’s living out his dreams via his son Zach!

Matt’s passion is getting the right data insights to the right users, in visual ways. So, most of his time is spent with clients understanding outcomes they’d like to achieve, their data & data gaps, their end users. He then manages design, build, customer outcome tracking and feedback loops. Matt’s expertise comes from IT, construction and education.


Matt’s Child Welfare Officer at a local grass roots football club, Meadow Park FC in Bromsgrove. Forget getting Matt to do anything unless he's got coffee!

Nick Baker

Cloud Architect

Nick’s our resident NFL fan. And cricket. And football. So, unsurprisingly, he’s spent the last seven years combining his love of sport with his love of technology.

Nick’s the ‘man who can’ when it comes to architecting how an NGB or Pro Sports team’s vision for success can be aided by combining their pots of data with external and new sources, cloud processing, AI and apps.

Nick’s travel plans tend to nuance towards where the Green Bay Packers are playing. So he’s very familiar with Kansas, New Orleans, Denver, New York and, of course, Green Bay!

Alan Thorpe

Strategy Lead

A rower and sculler for 25 years before re-discovering his bike, Alan listens to prospects and clients to identify if we might speed their sporting success. He’s big on sharing data deftness with anyone who has a vision for their sport!

Alan’s expertise comes from a long career in data, tech & analytics, marketing that’s included Global, EMEA, UK, director level roles with Acxiom, WPP and Indicia Worldwide.


Cake is, for Alan, a basic life essential. This means cycling - a lot! https://www.strava.com/athletes/43703599

Sofia Mendes

Scrum Master

Benfica fan Sofia makes things happen. And, given Benfica are clients, she’s really on it! As she says herself, she’s resilient and loves nothing more than finding solutions to issues that appear in the way of success. Sofia comes from outside of IT. She’s found that this gives her the advantage of ‘new eyes’, always helpful in any working environment where problem solving is key.

A Pilates and gym fan, weekends find Sofia cheering on her boyfriend’s district football team.