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You want data to keep you ahead in your game?

Updated: Jan 17

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Hello, welcome. You’d like to find your sport’s next +1% performance, engagement, participation? And before your competition? Then you’re in the right place!

We’re sports lovers that happen to have decades of big data experience. We 'get' that ‘same as’ in sport never leads to sustained success. As the Liverpool Echo noted of our clients, Brighton and Hove Albion FC,

‘’Brighton are different…prospering in England's top-flight as a consequence of their willingness to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom. Brighton…are willing to recruit by using their extensive network rather than acquiring players who are deemed as safe and familiar with English shores.’’

Data’s two great roles in sport are:

1) Enabling leaders to take apparently bold decisions faster than the competition because they’ve better, accessible, insight.

2) Joining up organisations to deliver an overall vision for success. We’ve clients that use their data lakes to find their next elite talent, improve performance, allocate grass roots investments, win new fans; to increase income. All accessible via mobile apps.

Over the next months we’ll be sharing the data know-how you need to find your vital 1% gains. From top-line data strategies to technical de-bunking. From your vision for your sport to pragmatically using data to enable its delivery.

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And please don’t be strangers. We’re a friendly bunch and generous with our expertise. Our team will happily chat through a goal or challenge via email, video call or face to face. All questions are valid, most we’ve encountered before.

To your sporting success!

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