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‘Data in sport’ stories that grabbed our eyes

January's data innovation, investments, and stories that are worth knowing about!

What we read whilst in the clubhouse

It’s socks, feet, and chips! Snowboarders are slipping on snazzy, smart, boots. Expect every footwear loving sport to sprint after this new data source.

Canada's team aim to climb up the tables by getting down with data.

The Italian pavilion at the delayed EXPO 2020 Dubai features a ‘Soccer & Data Cup,’ Described as a 3-days international hybrid marathon of Sport Analytics combining fundamental techniques of data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Easy for you to say, Italy!

Sounds like a terrific event. We've only watched the promo and want to go! And not just because it’s cold in the UK…

Hmmm, tell me about your childhood. Well, it’s not quite that simple. Eddie Jones explains why it is through the fine-tuning of psychology and clever use of data that England will benefit most. Now we’re interested.

Miguel Ángel Leal, Chief Executive of LaLiga Tech, hits the right pass! We applaud his ‘joined-up thinking and a single data-based digital ecosystem are the keys to unlocking meaningful fan relationships.’ But Miguel, true data driven progress comes from using data to connect, and power-up, the investment/performance/engagement/income cycle around a club or sport (watch out for our Feb ’22 paper on exactly this).

‘The quest for cheers is driven upon a foundation of figures provided by computers.’ Lovely local BBC TV piece on the ever-growing number of data sources in data. Now we wonder if they’ve considered how it all connects to the mass of data clubs already have? Ah, that’s our job!

Now pop around and interview us. I'll even put on a collar…

Well worth a skim, this article highlights all sorts of buckets filled with data that are coming your way. What’s still missing (and what we give clients) is ownership of that data.

After all, it’s YOURS, not the tech vendors. We say ‘take back control' of what drives your club, sport and value.

What with with low interest rates Venture Capitalists are desperate to get in on data in sport. The Sports Tech Class of 2022 features a number of data enabled ventures that we like the look of. Video tech to capture data at grass roots football level (and any other sport) caught our attention, but not our dodgy sports skills.

Finally, We’ve all marveled at how some players can pick a pass. At last we can find out! It’s ‘heads up display on your contact lenses’ time. We can only imagine the insights when this data is combined with athlete data, training data etc...

Until next month, Adieu.

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