• Alan Thorpe

Essential data in sport news, Feb '22.

We've lost days as February flounces out after only 28! So, here's our rapid fire data news digest to keep sports leaders in the know. You'll be up to speed within the time it takes Spurs to warm-up.


‘Two years into the COVID era, simply having access to athlete data is table stakes for elite teams.’ Will Lopes, CEO of Catapult Sports.

Will, we couldn’t agree more! Unless granular data is joined across all source systems (including Catapult) then a club or NGB is missing vital opportunities to improve performance, participation and engagement.


The data in sport revolution is enabling Leicester Tigers to hit new highs. My home city, Exeter, finds that data driven Leicester Tigers have turned up the temperature in Rugby. Other PL Rugby clubs really have no choice but to follow Tigers' lead.


Does your data comply with GDPR? As this article notes ‘GDPR offers significant scope for litigating in a rapidly evolving global and data driven world.’

What data is 'personal' and how it is used in sport is an issue that's growing.

There's more on this subject https://www.lawinsport.com/topics/item/panel-summary-how-are-changes-to-the-law-impacting-sports-ability-to-commercialise-data


We loved this review of the Premier League at 30. Nostalgia and success. Not essential reading, but it fuels the soul.


We tend to think of data as important to securing performance, participation and engagement aims. But data also plays a key role in achieving sustainability in sport. Without data, sustainability challenges are difficult to measure, address with relevant actions, and prove to interested parties that progress is being made.


‘New data deal could protect Newcastle from future transfer disaster’ says the headline announcing that the club has bought StatsBomb. This is a positive step but, in our experience, it’s nowhere near enough. Our (highly respected) football clients know that effective decisions require information that’s consolidated across ALL data sources and over many years. StatsBomb is a valuable data feed, not the end solution.

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