• Colin Rickard

2022: the data trend that you need to know about.

Updated: Jan 17

Happy New Year Everyone. We've shaken out (run/cycled/swum but not in the Tri sense!) the Christmas grub. We're ready & revved up to help you to achieve your 2022 goals for sporting performance, participation and engagement.

Seeking sporting success from data in 2022 is a very different game to 2021.

For the best, Q4 2021 saw a new realisation that buying the same data sets, and platforms, as everyone else blunts competition and leaves huge knowledge gaps. After a while everyone has the same insight. Nearly all your competitors are smart enough to apply what they learn?

In the competition to win, for talent, for overall participation; for fan engagement & income, having access to new insights that others can't access – and applying these fast – is the edge that data is giving the best right now.

Unlike the majority, the best own their data sets & platforms. Why does this matter? Analytics across data sets, across years, across competitions finds advantages that others simply aren't aware of.

It's the small stuff that adds up to gains that inflict (for example) seriously increased transfer costs on the competition, or talent & income growth penalties that take years to remove. Better scouting & talent ID, better athlete management; more accurate grass roots investment to support longer term growth and success. Increased income as fans get closer.

Over the next few months we'll be sharing why, in 2022, any serious sporting body needs to own its own data set. And how, once this owned asset is in place, engaging non-technical users with insights is giving the best their edge.

If you need to stay with the best, then let's chat. Let's find your 2022 data edge.

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